What is a subscription?

A subscription is an account set up for an individual or school to allow access to our site and the subject materials within.

  • Twig offers a number of free demo videos that anyone can view, however access to fully licensed content requires a trial or a customer subscription.
  • Users choose one or more subscription packages according to the content they wish to access. All standard subscriptions are for a 12-month period. However, if required, we can offer different subscription lengths depending on customer needs. This will be at the discretion of the Twig sales team.

How do I subscribe to Twig?

There are two options available:

Contact our dedicated sales team on 800-334-5551 or email cso_support@carolina.com


Follow the subscription link on the website http://www.twigcarolina.com/subscribe/ and complete the information requested.

What is the minimum length for a Twig subscription?

For your initial purchase, we can create a specific subscription term depending on your requirements.

After your initial subscription, the minimum subscription is twelve months. Browse the Twig Catalog for more information.

How do I use a discount code?

Discount codes can be entered at the shopping cart stage and will reduce the price of a selected subscription.

Can I change or upgrade my Twig subscription?

You can change or upgrade your subscription at any point throughout your term.

Simply contact our dedicated sales team on 800-334-5551 or by email cso_support@carolina.com with your subscription change request.

How can I check my purchase history?

You can find your full purchase history under My Twig -> Manage Account -> Order History

How can I find out when my subscription expires?

You can find your subscription expiry date under My Twig -> Manage Account -> Package Information.

Alternatively, you can contact our support team on 800-334-5551 or email cso_support@carolina.com to discuss expiry or renewal of your subscription.